Nye bests Altman in Brevard Republican Party Picnic Straw Poll

Nye bests Altman in Brevard Republican Party Picnic Straw Poll

Outsider watchdog Matt Nye bested incumbent career politician Thad Altman in the Brevard Republican Party Picnic and Straw Poll for the Florida House District 52 race on Sunday at the Melbourne auditorium. Of 555 votes cast, Nye received 284 (51%) and Altman 271 (49%).

“Today’s results are significant,” Nye said, “because this is traditionally establishment friendly territory, and for at least the last decade, Altman has won the straw poll at this event.”

Nye is campaigning as a citizen watchdog on a platform of fiscal conservatism, transparency and accountability. He has repeatedly attacked Altman as a career politician that used his elected office to get a job as the Executive Director for the Astronaut Memorial Foundation, a position Nye contends Altman is unqualified for. Altman draws a $159K annual salary plus 401k benefits from the taxpayer funded non-profit.

“Voters are sick and tired of Republicans that campaign as fiscal conservatives and then vote for every tax and spend bill that comes along,” Nye said. “The fact Altman has drained a million dollars of taxpayer money in the form of a do nothing job he isn’t even qualified for just adds insult to injury.”

During his stump speech Nye pledged to follow through on his campaign promises if elected, and promised he wouldn’t sell out the voters if they send him to Tallahassee.

“If elected, I will fight to reduce the size and scope of state government,” Nye said. “I will work to ensure state government fulfills its primary responsibilities, while reigning in spending and keeping taxes low.”

About Matt Nye
Matt Nye, 46, is a native Floridian and a nine-year resident of Suntree, where he lives with his wife, Natalia, and their two dogs Lily and Cookie. Since 2007, Matt has worked to expose waste, fraud and abuse in local government. In 2012, Matt filed the criminal complaint that led to the arrest and conviction of former Clerk of Courts Mitch Needelman. Matt works as a Regional Director for Verteks Consulting, a leading provider of voice and data networks and serves in numerous volunteer capacities, including Chairman of the National Republican Liberty Caucus, Treasurer of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida, and Treasurer of the Rotary Club of Suntree.

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Writer, political activist, Organizer of the Brevard Tea Parties, Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC) Nat'l Chairman and candidate for Florida House, District 52.

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