New D5 School Board Candidate Dale Davis’ Stunning 2013 Tweet Implies He Holds Blacks In Very Low Regard

New D5 School Board Candidate Dale Davis’ Stunning 2013 Tweet Implies He Holds Blacks In Very Low Regard

I was surprised to see Dale “3D” Davis had filed to run for the District 5 School Board seat. I know Mr. Davis through his involvement with the local Republican Party, and he is one of the most despicable and dishonest people I’ve ever met. On second thought, maybe I shouldn’t be surprised, as those seem to be common characteristics in those running for office these days. But I digress.

Mr. Davis considers himself to be a political operative, and likes to sling mud during campaign season and brag about how he “wins” elections for those he supports. I suspect those “he supports” are going to run like hell from him now, because I’ve come into possession of a screenshot of a damning tweet that makes it appear Mr. Davis is a full blown racist.

The tweet is in response to this article on the Blaze about a Camden, NJ 16 year old black teen admitting to killing a 12 year old girl. Mr. Davis tweeted the following in response to the article: “DIE LIKE A THUG… POS. This is the reason prions are full of niggers, they act that way! Stay focused…” Indeed, it appears Clippers owner Donald Sterling has nothing on Mr. Davis.

Imagine if Mr. Davis had been on the board when it closed South Lake Elementary in Titusville – Commissioner Fisher’s ludicrous claims of racism might have actually had merit, and the School Board may have been liable for who know what. The voters of Brevard County should carefully consider whether they can afford someone of this mindset on the Brevard County School Board.

While the School Board race is non-partisan, as I mentioned earlier, Mr. Davis is a Republican, and worse, he’s currently the sitting District 5 Chair of the Brevard Republican Executive Committee. This means he is in a leadership position on the Executive Committee and is actually voting on issues that affect the direction the local Republican Party takes.

As a Republican who has worked very hard for the last six years to root out corruption and clean up the party I find this intolerable. I hope you will take the time to reach out to the members of the local Executive Committee and ask they demand Mr. Davis’ resignation. You can reach the BREC at 321-254-0073, or you can contact them online at

“Stay focused…”

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Writer, political activist, Organizer of the Brevard Tea Parties, Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC) Nat'l Chairman and candidate for Florida House, District 52.

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