New ‘conservative’ Commissioner’s first official vote of record raises eyebrows; helps elect Democrat Fisher to Chair

New ‘conservative’ Commissioner’s first official vote of record raises eyebrows; helps elect Democrat Fisher to Chair

Newly elected “conservative” County Commissioner Curt Smith’s first official vote of record raised eyebrows amongst supporters last night when he voted with three other commissioners to elect Robin Fisher as Chair of the Brevard County Commission. Commissioner Infantini was the sole dissenting vote.

Fisher, the only sitting Democrat on the board, has a proven track record as a sexist bully, and has used the Chair position in the past to fire off insults at and cut off comments from District 3 Commisisoner Trudie Infantini. One of the many Fisher classics was “maybe we should consult with a real CPA”, casting aspersions on Infantini’s licensure as a Certified Public Accountant.

For those wondering why the newly elected Commissioner, who frequently pays homage to and refers to local conservative icon Scott Ellis as an “advisor”, would do something so un-Ellis like, the answer might be found in his final campaign finance report. In addition to accepting contributions from every lobbyist in town AFTER the primary was over and his race was effectively won, he accepted $300 from none other than Commisisoner Robin Fisher himself:

Curt Smith Final Campaign Finance Report 141031

The bonus irony? Smith campaigned on “changing the tone” of the commission meetings, but he just re-elected the primary instigator of the unprofessional behavior that has plagued the commission for the last six years. Hey Commissioner Smith, you might want to do your homework next time to see which Commissioner was slinging the insults and which was on the receiving end, because you voted for the wrong one. Oh, and you might also want to consider that the guy you just made Chair is the guy you should be voting against 90% of the time – that is if you are what you said you were during your campaign.

My heart goes out to Commissioner Infantini. She’s been the sole voice of reason on the commission for most of the last six years, and it looks like that is how it’s going to be for her last two. Imagine how it must have felt for her to sit there and watch as the guy that was supposed to be the cavalry coming to the rescue betrays you (and his supporters) by voting for the big spending liberal Democrat for Chair.

I know many think they got a real conservative elected in Curt Smith, but everything I’ve seen from Commissioner Smith in the months since the primary seems to indicate he’s just another go along to get along politician that is more worried about making friends than he is about being the taxpayer advocate he promised to be on the campaign trail. Time and future votes will tell the tale, but so far he’s displayed incredibly poor judgment at every conceivable turn.

Update 12/1/14:

The following statement from Commissioner Smith was passed on to me by someone that queried him about his vote for Commissioner Fisher for Chair. Here is his response in his entirety:

“I had the vote from Barfield in Sept to get her elected but he was not happy with her behavior in several of those meetings which doomed her. I share her values as well, but according to many, she has poisoned the waters and I could not get her the other vote she needed. It served no point in my creating more contention on the commission by voting for or nominating her. Leadership positions are earned not deserved. She was not going to get any more votes. I have not changed, I am the same today as I was 6 months ago, 6 years ago, and 20 years before that. I am a God fearing conservative that loves his country and his God and I am a businessman that gets things done AND I know how to get along with people. Just because someone doesn’t agree with me 20 or 50 per cent of the time does not make them my enemy. You get alot (sic) more accomplished by using sugar as opposed to vinegar. And I promise, Trudie and everyone else will be treated with respect. I have had many talks on this subject with everyone on the commission. Please continue to pray for guidance and direction for all of us on this commission. In addition, for you or anyone else to suggest that I would sell my soul for any amount of money no matter where it comes from is childish and an extreme insult. God bless-Curt”

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