Professional Experience
Nye has been a small business owner almost his entire adult life, and understands the challenges small business owners face. Realizing your dream in a competitive marketplace is hard enough without government regulation and bureaucracy making it even harder.

2016 – Matt closes largest ShoreTel project in history of company – 2,400 seats for Citrus County Schools; exceeds $1.65 million in sales for the year
2012 – Matt does more than one million in sales of ShoreTel product for first time
2008 – Matt goes to work for Verteks Consulting as Regional Director
2007 – Precinct Committeeman, Brevard Republican Executive Committee
2006 – Matt starts two title companies – one in Brevard, one in Saint Cloud
2005 – Founder and President of the Treasure Coast Chapter of the Florida Association of Mortgage Brokers
2005 – Matt starts mortgage brokerage business
2003 – Matt becomes a licensed mortgage broker
1999 – Sells domain name bikezone.com to Rodale Publishing for $25,000 – the single greatest feat of negotiating in his life (initial offer was $250)
1997 – Buys high school reunion planning business and triples it in size
1996 – Starts over in computer business after falling out with prior business associate
1995 – Starts second Internet Service Provider in Ocala and grows it to 1500 subscribers and four employees in less than a year
1992 – Starts computer sales and service business and grows it to $2 million in sales and 16 employees

Other Experience
Nye has taken on leadership roles in a variety of organizations and served on numerous boards over the years:

2017 – Re-elected Chair, National Republican Liberty Caucus
2016 – Treasurer, Rotary Club of Suntree
2015 – Re-elected National Chair, Republican Liberty Caucus
2013 – Co-Chair, Great Tastes at Suntree
2013 – Elected Chair, Republican Liberty Caucus National Committee
2012 – Board Member, Space Coast Pops Orchestra
2012 – Member, Rotary Club of Suntree
2012 – Chair, Brevard Republican Party Bi-Annual Picnic
2011 – Elected Treasurer, Republican Liberty Caucus National Committee
2011 – Elected State Chair, Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida
2010 – Candidate for Brevard County Commission, District 4 (lost 59/41 against incumbent Mary Bolin)
2009 – Treasurer, Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida
2009 – Organizer of the Brevard Tea Parties
2009 – Technology Chair, Brevard Republican Executive Committee
2008- Chairman, Republican Liberty Caucus of Central East Florida
2008 – Board Member, Greater Palm Bay Chamber of Commerce
2008 – President, Bayside Lakes Referral Group
1990 – Editor of the Patriot Press at Central Florida Community College; recipient of All American Newspaper Award

County Appointments:
2010-2015 – Appointed to represent District 3 Commissioner Trudie Infantini on the board of the Economic Development Commission of the Space Coast
2009 – Appointed to represent District 5 Commissioner Andy Anderson on the board of the Economic Development Commission of the Space Coast
2009 – Appointed to the Brevard County Charter Review Commission by District 3 Commissioner Trudie Infantini

Nye graduated Forest High School in 1989 and attended Central Florida Community College in Ocala. He has a strong background in technology, finance and real estate, a wide range of professional experience and a commitment to lifelong learning.

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